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The basic knowledge for a SEO expert – dich vu seo

Basic knowledge for an SEO expert? A professional SEO consultant involved optimize the website for search engines are very important contribution to the success of a project to promote a website.

With professional experience and right skills from an SEO consultant, web marketing campaign can be conducted more efficiently, thus branding and trade sales increased rapidly. A professional website promotion specialists need located and proven performance. Do not be afraid to find out the references and find out the relationship of his work and the SEO results with his clients. A veteran web promotion experts will also know how to make use of the right keywords to attract your target audience to visit your website from the search engines. It is important that the results and you need to make sure that the SEO experts have the skills and knowledge needed to transfer. Now, let me share with you what I think of a professional SEO expert should have:

1.The knowledge of online advertising

SEO expert should have a broad knowledge of web promotion on the Internet. He needs to know how to promote a website on a variety of search engines by using the right keywords. Sometimes, general keywords is not always the best keywords to optimize. SEO experts should conduct research and find out the keywords that your potential customers actually typing to search for your products and services on the search engines.

2. Knowledge of website optimization

He must be proficient enough to insert the right keywords on different pages on your website. Optimizing the website is not just a set of keywords in the title tag and Meta Tags. The keywords used in each page must be consistent with the content of that page. At the same time, the frequency with which keywords appear in the page should also be taken into account. Too many keywords appear in a single page will be considered keyword stuffing and the search engines will penalize websites such as this.

3. Knowledge to optimize external website

He should be familiar with the outside website optimization techniques such as subscribing to directories, link building, post articles, social networking to take advantage of the source access cables hidden potential customers ...

4. Knowing how to maintain your website visitors

 Attractive large traffic to your website is not enough if none of them take the action you want. For example, downloading a message, select a mailing list, or an act of shopping online. Therefore, a professional SEO expert should have knowledge of the optimal landing page so that he will know how to structure your page to increase conversion rate.

5. Update to the latest technical and news on SEO

SEO expert should be good technology and the latest SEO methods by keeping himself updated with the latest SEO news.

6. Above all a professional SEO consultant needs to understand customer expectations

 Most customers find SEO services, are there certain preliminary knowledge about the job. The of SEOer is how do understand the desire and intention thatcan customer, this makes communication rather working methods between the two sides be more convenient and xuon share.

7. Strategic insight

 The operators or webmasters have the clear vision and a long-term strategy for the company's website. The assurance SEOer for long-term change effective 1 on the following main factors that decide the success of SEO.

8. Clarity in work

 For the webmaster, website as well as their children, they create and try to own upbringing build it up over time, more than anyone else they want to know what SEO do with kids baby, it's like you send your child to daycare and of course you wanted to turn your child will be learning what to eat, what to do ... A comprehensive and objective look at his work will help customers peace of mind and confidence in SEO work.

These are only the most key points to help you determine an SEO expert, professional advice website promotion. Besides all the above factors have the passion, the first SEO techniques, application design search engine friendly, but also an art to increase the efficiency of revenue from potential customers access access to the website.

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Basic Seo tips for starting - cong ty seo

Every business with a Web site should make Search Engine Optimization -- trying to get your site as high up as possible on Google and Bing search-results pages -- a part of their growth strategy.
At its most basic, "SEO" means finding ways to increase your site's appearance in web visitors' search results. This generally means more traffic to your site.
While intense SEO can involve complex site restructuring with a firm (or consultant) that specializes in this area, there are a few simple steps you can take yourself to increase your search engine ranking.
All it requires is a little effort, and some re-thinking of how you approach content on your site.

Monitor where you stand

You won't know if your SEO efforts are working unless you monitor your search standings. MarketingVox suggests that you keep an eye on your page rank with tools like Alexa and the Google toolbar.
It's also important to check your referrer log regularly to track where your visitors are coming from and the search terms they're using to find your site, according to PC World.

Link back to yourself

There is probably no more basic strategy for SEO than the integration of internal links into your site -- it is an easy way to boost traffic to individual pages, SEO Consult says.
You should make it standard to link back to your archives frequently when creating new content. MarketingVox advises that you also make the anchor text search-engine-friendly: "The more relevant words point to a page, the more likely that page is to appear in search results when users run a query with those terms."
As with all other SEO approaches, be sure your links are appropriate, and be careful not to cross the line into excessive linking -- you don't want your visitors to get annoyed.

Create a sitemap 

Adding a site map -- a page listing and linking to all the other major pages on your site -- makes it easier for spiders to search your site.
"The fewer clicks necessary to get to a page on your website, the better," advises

Search-friendly URLs

Make your URLs more search-engine-friendly by naming them with clear keywords.
SEO Consult explains: "For instance, it’s easy to understand what

Avoid Flash

Flash might look pretty, but it does nothing for your SEO. According to the Search Engine Journal, "Frames, Flash and AJAX all share a common problem – you can’t link to a single page... Don’t use Frames at all and use Flash and AJAX sparingly for best SEO results."
"If you absolutely MUST have your main page as a splash page that is all Flash or one big image, place text and navigation links below the fold," the post continues

Image descriptions

Spiders can only search text, not text in your images -- which is why you need to make the words associated with your images as descriptive as possible.
Start with your image names: adding an "ALT" tag allows you to include a keyword-rich description for every image on your site. Perfect Optimization explains an easy way to do this.
The visible text around your images is valuable for SEO: MarketPosition suggests adding captions to all your pictures and being descriptive with the text in immediate physical proximity to your images.


Your content needs to be fresh -- updating regularly and often is crucial for increasing traffic.
"The best sites for users, and consequently for search engines, are full of oft-updated, useful information about a given service, product, topic or discipline," MarketingVox explains.
One way to ensure that your site gets new content on a frequent basis is to integrate a blog. "Get the owner or CEO blogging. It’s priceless!" the Search Engine Journal suggests. An executive blog is an excellent way to reach out to your clients, create more opportunities for internal and external linking, while giving your site a more personal voice.

Social media distribution

A CEO blog is just one element of social media distribution, an important SEO strategy according to SEO Consult. You should be distributing links to fresh content on your site across appropriate social networking platforms.
Whether displayed on your company's account, or recommended, re-tweeted, and re-distributed by someone else, this strategy exponentially muliplies the number of places where visitors will view your links.

Link to others

An easy way to direct more traffic to your site is by developing relationships with other sites.
PC World suggests that you personally ask the webmasters of well-respected sites if they'll include a link to your site on theirs. Be sure to return the favor -- then everyone wins!
Make certain that your partner has a good web-reputation, of course. MarketingVox warns against getting tied to a "link farm" whose bad SEO habits could bring you down.
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